Palfinger USA's Trade-In Program

What does your company do with your older work trucks?

Do you run an ad and try to sell them yourself or take them to an auction and see what you can get? (costing you money and time)

Do they sit around fading away being an eyesore with the thought of using them for spare parts? (taking up space and costing you money)

Do you trade them in on a new purchase? (why not get the most out of them and save sales tax - in most states)


Palfinger USA offers a trade-in program for used work trucks.


We are one of the few (if not only) truck equipment companies that offer this type of program.

We offer you a fair market value on your trade-in that our experienced, dedicated appraiser determines.


Our quick estimate or reliable appraisal methods make the process fast, easy and hassle-free.

Quick Estimate

We have a simple trade-in form to fill out and receive a quick estimated appraisal to reference.
Click on the form to the right to fill out online or download the PDF below. (Actual appraisal depends on real conditions.)

Quick Estimate PDF 
E-mail the completed form to:


Solid Appraisal

We can also come to you and provide you with a solid appraisal for one or multiple trucks.

To arrange a visit by an appraiser, contact



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