Cranes and Crane Bodies

PALFINGER PAL Pro Crane Bodies

PALFINGER PAL Pro crane bodies allow for maximum utilization of compartment space and rear bumper access to the bed. The integrated substructure is designed with a hybrid torsion box, outrigger housing and rear shear plate body mounts to eliminate truck frame and side pack deflection while supporting crane loads and providing vehicle stabilization.


PALFINGER PSC Telescopic "Stick Boom" Service Cranes

PalFleet supplies and installs a wide range of truck-mounted telescopic cranes from the best manufacturers in the business including PALFINGER, Ideal Crane, Venturo, and others.

Let PalFleet work with you to determine your lifting needs. With the extensive performance capabilities and capacity ratings (up to 86,000 ft. lbs.) of the cranes we offer, we cover most light to medium duty truck mounted lifting applications and can solve virtually any difficult lifting problem.


PALFINGER articulating "Knuckle Boom" Cranes


The PALFINGER articulating "knuckleboom" crane is light-weight resulting in more payload and less fuel consumption. 

Functional designs with a maintenance-free boom extension system make service / maintenance quicker and easier.

The PALTRONIC overload protection system is the most robust available and the "Best in class: Total cost of ownership" offers the longest lasting crane with the highest resale value on the market.

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