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Expert Crane Repair Service Minimizes Downtime

Palfinger USA's Crane Service Department is here to keep you moving. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians service and repair PALFINGER cranes and forklifts and just about any other crane manufactured. As the gold-standard in servicing truck mounted lift equipment, we're here to help you extend the life of your investment.

  • Mobile Service allows us to take our technicians to you
  • In-House Service is a huge advantage because we can walk you through your crane repair or getting it ready for a crane repair facility - all over the phone.
  • Operator Training - Our goal is train you how to operate your crane safely and reliably by the time your crane is operational again.

Customers are thrilled with our honest and genuine our foreman and technicians. We understand that you make a living off of your equipment and need to have as little down-time as possible. We’ll help you get your crane up and running as fast as possible.

To be certain we provide you with the most accurate information and quick, expert advice, please schedule a free phone consultation with one of our service professionals.