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In effort to best serve our customers, Palfinger USA has put together a step by step guide on process of NCCCO certification process through our office.  This program is in cooperation with the National Commission for Certification of Crane Operators.  This is a two part process consisting of a written exam and a practical (hands-on) exam.

Review the information provided below and contact John Kosta at 419-448-8156 ext. 214 with any questions.

 Prior to Testing go to

1. Study Guide for Written Exam

NCCCO provides many free and paid resources to help you prepare for certification. Click here to go directly to the materials page.  There you will find a free PDF of the NCCCO Articulating Crane Reference Manual. Select from either the Articulating Crane Reference or the Service Truck Crane Reference. You will need to study these guides or the ASME B30.22-2005 Articulating Boom Cranes Manual or the ASME B30.5 Mobile and Locomotive Cranes Manual prior to taking the written examination.

Written Exam is made up of the following components:

  • 17% work site & crane setup
  • 37% crane operation
  • 30% technical knowledge
  • 16% load charts


2. Candidate Handbook

The Handbooks & Forms section contains a link to the PDF “Articulating Crane Operator Candidate Handbook” or "Mobile Crane Operators Handbook".

These books describe the certification process and will answer many of the questions you may have.


3. Candidate Application-Written Exam

There are currently two ways to take the written examination - Computer Based Testing or Paper & Pencil.  The CBT version must be taken at a certified testing facility and scheduling is typically easier and quicker.  This version is also typically less expensive.  The Paper & Pencil version can be scheduled at the test takers facility or at an advertised facility.  Call to discuss your options as there are multiple factors to be considered/discussed for the paper version.  The cost of the written exam is $165 per person plus an additional fee that varies by facility.

Please note that Palfinger USA is only accredited to perform the Practical Exam tests for Articulating Cranes and Service Truck Cranes.  We can help arrange both the CBT and the Paper Pencil tests.


4. Candidate Application-Practical Exam-Due on the testing date

We will fill out all application forms on the day of testing. You need to determine method of payment which is $60 per test (credit card, company or personal check, or money order).  Payment is due prior to testing. This information will be filled in on the back of the candidate application.  The fee is paid to NCCCO to score your exam.


5. Cost of Certification Process

  • In-House -The cost for the practical exam is $60.00 per candidate.  The fees are paid to NCCCO via the candidate application as stated above.  Palfinger USA's fee for set up and administering the Practical exam is $750 per individual, with a minimum of two persons per class. You can bring your equipment to test on or use one of Palfinger USA's units. Any crane used for the Articulating Crane Test must have a minimum reach of 22' and have a valid annual inspection.  Service Truck cranes must have at least 14' reach and have a valid annual inspection.
  • Mobile - The cost to have a representative from Palfinger USA come to your facility is $750 per person with a minimum of two per class plus a travel charge of $1.75 per mile traveled.  Your company would be responsible for supplying the testing equipment fitting the same requirements as those listed above in the In-House section.


6. Equipment Provided

Palfinger USA will provide hard hats, and high visibility vests when testing is completed at the Tiffin branch.



7. Need to Bring

Each candidate will need to provide a picture ID such as: a driver’s license or a passport.  Proper attire is expected; work boots, pants, and shirts with sleeves.  No shorts or sleeveless shirts will be permitted.


Palfinger USA is collecting candidate names to form classes at all times.  Contact John Kosta to secure placement in certification classes.


John Kosta

419-448-8156 ext. 214

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