Drywall and Wallboard Truck

At Palfinger USA, we're in the same business you are:

Building Excellence from the Ground Up

Like you, we know there's no shortcut to quality, especially in handling and delivering your materials.

Until now, you've had to choose between safe and slow or fast and risky getting your drywall on-site.

We're here to change that.



New Wallboard Truck Designed by Operators, for Operators

Partnering with experienced industry experts

We collaborated with a 25+ year truck operator to help us renovate, innovate and transform our already popular wallboard truck design into an industry gold standard.

Safe, intuitive design

Made with the operator's needs in mind, first and foremost - rather than you having to adapt to it, you'll enjoy a truck that works properly without compromising on safety.

Functionality and accessibility

The controls and accessories are exactly where you need them to be. With Palfinger USA in your corner, your truck becomes an on-site ally rather than an obstacle.



Timely Delivery to Stay on Schedule

During building projects, a great deal rests on drywall - installing it on schedule or earlier allows finishing work to progress smoothly, and that makes for happy on-site managers. However, balancing the competitive value of your company solely on material costs is risky at best; to pull ahead of your industry rivals, you'll need superior customer service as well.

Imagine taking larger loads of drywall and delivering them safely to their destination with a crane that can stretch up multiple stories with ease.

Imagine minimizing wait time, delivery hassle and much of the moving and carrying burden for every load for your customers.

Imagine your operators working with a truck instead of around it. With the right equipment on your side, it's as easy as turning a key.


Less Effort, More Results

When you turn a "two-trip job" into a single run, you'll log fewer miles on your equipment while impressing your customers with speed and efficiency.

Don't worry, though - you'll make up those extra miles in new jobs once word gets out about your top-of-the-line customer experience.

Palfinger USA's NEW drywall and material handling crane trucks will simplify your approach to every job site, letting you:

  • carry more than typical industry wallboard trucks,
  • get to job sites faster, and
  • maneuver loads into upper floors and tight spaces

to help your customer's work crew get more done.



Investing in Your Future

Palfinger USA equipment often outlasts its chassis, which ensures that you'll have a versatile drywall moving tool for many years to come.

When you get an order from your customers, you go above and beyond to make it happen, and so do we. We know that once you get a chance to try our new, operator-centric design, you'll want one of your own. So we now offer FULLY LOADED on-site demos to show you how a Palfinger-equipped wallboard truck can not only handle an impressive load of drywall; it can place and position it with precision, safety and ease.


We're ready to help you make your mark on your industry by arming you with the best tools for the job: you'll love the performance, but your customers will love the results! So call Palfinger USA today to start building your custom drywall crane-equipped vehicle.


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