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Palfinger USA is a company with more than four decades of leadership in the knuckle boom crane / truck equipment industry. Palfinger USA is known for developing innovative solutions to customers’ material handling problems. From project inception to delivery and beyond, Palfinger USA works with its customers to provide equipment perfectly suited for the job. Customers range from owner-operators with one truck to fleets with hundreds of trucks in the field.

Each Palfinger USA location meets the requirements of the NTEA (The Association for the Work Truck Industry) Member Verification Program, recognizing that we maintain the highest industry standards for excellence, safety and quality.  Palfinger USA employs individuals who have become accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) as Practical Examiners for Articulating Crane Operators.

Palfinger USA began selling and installing articulating loader cranes in 1985 as Tiffin Loader Crane and later known as PalFleet Truck Equipment. Articulating cranes, also known as knuckleboom cranes, were widely used in Europe where the technology was developed, but were relatively unknown in North America. Palfinger USA helped pioneer the new technology by showing customers how to work safer and more productively with knuckleboom cranes.

As it grew, the company began adapting articulating crane technology to new applications. Rolling base cranes helped transportation companies become more productive by maximizing payload and minimizing loading and unloading time. Unique pole handling cranes allowed companies that distribute utility poles to operate more efficiently.


Palfinger USA has locations in several major markets in the Southeast, Midwest and Northeast to be close to our customers. As a result, we have the capacity to fill large fleet orders but also offer specialized sales and service at each location targeted to the needs of the local market.


PalFinger USA is part of the PALFINGER North America Group, a leading North American manufacturer of cranes, truck bodies, mechanics trucks, truck mounted forklifts, hoists, lift gates, roll-offs, hook loaders and aerial devices. Established in 1932, PALFINGER has been among the leading international manufacturers of hydraulic lifting, loading and handling systems for commercial vehicles for many years.

As a multi-national company group with its headquarters in Salzburg, Austria, PALFINGER has manufacturing and assembly sites in Europe, North and South America and Asia. Innovation, internationalization and greater flexibility form the strategic pillars of the corporate strategy. In line with this strategy, PALFINGER today stands for innovative lifting, loading and handling solutions at the interfaces of the transport chain.


Palfinger USA works closely with OEM chassis manufacturers to assure that the solutions we provide are fully integrated with the right chassis to maximize the safety and productivity of the complete package. In addition, we work closely with vocational truck dealers to develop specialized solutions for their customers. Strong relationships with major fleet management companies allow us to provide work truck solutions that meet the unique needs of national and regional fleets in a variety of end-use applications. From single truck operators to large fleets, end users keep coming back to Palfinger USA because the solutions we provide keep them on the job and out of the shop.


Company History

Three different truck equipment companies that emerged in the 1970s eventually came together as PalFleet, today’s leader in work truck solutions.


Fontaine Truck Equipment Company, a Birmingham, AL manufacturer of truck trailers and fifth wheel products, begins building a network of specialized sales and distribution branches in major markets in the Southeast and Midwest.

Omaha Standard Truck Equipment Company opens as a factory-owned sales and distribution center near Omaha Standard’s body manufacturing facility in Council Bluffs, IA.

Tiffin Loader Crane begins selling and distributing truck-mounted articulating cranes for specialized material handling applications in Tiffin, OH.


Fontaine Truck Equipment Company is acquired by the Marmon Group and the distribution branches were restructured as a standalone truck equipment distribution company that kept the name.

Tiffin Loader Crane grows into a leading distributor of articulating cranes and develops its own unique solutions, adapting its leading European technology to the needs of its customers in the transportation and construction industries.


In 1991, PALFINGER appointed Tiffin Loader Crane as its exclusive dealer for Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, and western Pennsylvania. A well established customer base and extensive knowledge of customer applications helped the company become PALFINGER’s largest independent dealer.


Tiffin Loader Crane is acquired by PALFINGER, establishing the European company’s presence in the U.S.  The following year a new state-of-the-art installation facility was opened in Tiffin, OH.


Omaha Standard Distribution is formed by the merger of the distribution businesses of Fontaine Truck Equipment Company and Omaha Standard Truck Equipment Company, following Omaha Standard, Inc.’s acquisition of the Fontaine Truck Equipment Company.


Omaha Standard Distribution is acquired by PALFINGER in its acquisition of Omaha Standard, Inc.


Omaha Standard Distribution and Tiffin Loader Crane’s business operations are integrated.


PalFleet Truck Equipment Company, LLC is formed by the merger of Omaha Standard Distribution and Tiffin Loader Crane, with locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Council Bluffs, Dallas, Indianapolis, Louisville, Nashville and Tiffin.


PALFINGER divests of its service body business in North America and transferred service body distribution and upfitting at four locations to Reading Truck Group. PalFleet continues to focus on PALFINGER's core material handling products at its remaining locations.

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